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Mulberry Named Bag After Cara Delevingne




cara delevingne mulberry backpack named after her

Supermodel, Cara Delevinge was seen in New York recently. She was carrying a self-designed camouflage Cara Backpack by Mulberry and wearing a black attire with a colorful top beneath. Mulberry is no stranger to collaborating with celebrities with passion for creating their own design while maintaining the designer label’s own signature style and identity at the same time.

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The Cara Delevinge collection featured on Mulberry official website reveals a practical backpack that you can bring anywhere. The multi functional bag that you can go to work with or the gym, for travel by train or plane. You can turn it into a shoulder bag or hand held while in the city or use on a trip out to the country. The interior of the bag bear Cara’s heart tattoo while “Cara Delevinge collection” is stamped at the bottom of the bag similar to Cara having a tattoo on the bottom of her foot. Truly an ingenious way of marking one’s identity on a handbag.


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