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Luxury Designer Handbags As Wealth Protection In Divorce Proceeding


Top Left: HERMÈS Birkin 30 bag 2006, Shiny Black Nilo Crocodile $53,500
Top Right: HERMÈS Birkin 25 Bag 2011 Bleu Electric and Bleu Thalassa Epsom Leather Candy Limited Edition$15,500

Middle Left: HERMÈS Birkin 35 Bag 2014 Feu Clemence Leather $15,500
Middle Right: HERMÈS, Birkin 35 Bag 2015 Rose Jaipur Epsom Leather $18,000

Bottom Left: HERMÈS, Birkin 35 Bag 2016, Black Epsom Leather $17,500
Bottom Right: HERMÈS, Birkin 35 Bag 2016, Blue Zanzibar Clemence Leather $19,500


An interesting aricle published in the on April 1, 2017 looks at or to be more precise judges in divorce proceeding tend to overlook personal possessions like handbags and not subject them to be part of couples wealth for dividing possessions. The backlog and as a means of wrapping up divorce cases speedily; there is an increasing tendency by judges not to include collectibles and luxury items says a lawyer.

A week later on April 7, 2017, carries another article that re-inforce luxury handbags as investment grade when it said:

“Prior to 2010, Christie’s had placed rare and vintage handbags with its fashion lots such as celebrity dress collections or heritage costumes. Now, handbags are featured alongside jewelry and timepiece auctions because these hard-to-come-by pieces are not accessories, but rather investment-grade objets d’art.”

The auction house reportedly said, luxury handbags category has the highest number of young female buyers with highest spend for the 2016 sales.


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