RECENT PURSE STALKINGS — January 12, 2017 at 4:15 am

Kate Bosworth Showcased Tory Burch’s Gemini Handbag Collection.


Top Left: Gemini Link Tie-Dye Cross-Body, Retails $795. Top Right: Samba Color Gemini Stripe Cross Body, Retails $595. Bottom Left: New Ivory Gemini Link Pom-Pom Small Cross Body Retails $495. Bottom Right: Gemini Link Cross Body in Wallis Blue, Retails $$495. Courtesy:



Top Left: Kate Bosworth born with different eye colors. Hazel right eye and blue left eye. Top Right: Gemini Link Shoulder bag in Tobacco/ Dark Merlot/ Macaw/ Freshwater, Retails $595. Bottom Left: Gemini Link Shoulder Bag in Light Redwood color, Retails $595. Bottom Right: Gemini Link Pom-Pom Small Cross-Body in New Ivory color, Retails $495. Courtesy:



Tory Burch Gemini Collection 2017. Courtesy:



Tory Burch launch the new collection of Gemini Link handbags by having actress Kate Bosworth showcasing the collection and her photos shot by Margaret Zhang. Both women coincidentally were born under the Gemini star sign. The handbag’s signature logo pose another interesting duality and can be attributed to Kate’s different eye colors. The collection represent two successful women that brings out the duality in life.

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