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Introducing Neri Karra Handbags


neri karra and handbags design under her own name



Branded designer handbags can cost you anywhere above $1,500 but what if you can find alternative choice of equally good quality handbags sold at 3 figure price tag?

Bulgarian born Neri Karra is a lecturer in London, author of 2 books and a PhD holder at Cambridge University. Although her passion is in education, in the year 2000, she founded a brand under her own name by creating a range of beautiful Italian leather products out of a 7-storey factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Neri lead the company as the Creative Director and brought in experienced designers from Gucci, Tom Ford to Salvatore Ferragamo. Together, the design team Neri sought the best leather materials, hired craftsmen with years of experience and bring in the latest technology and machinery. The result: Astonishing leather goods and accessories that rival the best upmarket brands available. Today, Neri Karra is expanding its global presence and have outlets and distribution networks in 14 countries.

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