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How You Can Avoid Selling Fake Handbag If You Do Not Know The Origin?


photos avoid selling counterfeit handbags
If you have some expensive handbags given to you as presents or left behind by your loved ones and you would like to dispose them, where will you go? The first thought will probably be on eBay. If you do not know the value, just perform a search on google images for your vintage or out of production model of a particular designer label, will probably help you figure out what others is selling. However, when it comes to the authenticity of your handbag, you should be concern about trademark violation if the bag turns out to be a fake should you sell them online.

Some luxury handbag companies do not provide authenticating service and the only real way to tell your bag is genuine is by producing the original receipt of your purchase from their outlets. Furthermore, it may not be cost effective shipping your bag to and from the company as well as paying for their services. You may land in hot soup should they discover that your bag is fake. Coach is one company that does not tolerate counterfeiters and have been pursuing fake merchadise sold on the internet and shops. This is one company that will not autheticate your handbag and will recognize that you handbag is authentic if purchased from their authorized retailer.

Try third party independent companies such as FakeSpotters website or Authenticate4u. Fakespotters provide all-in-one service of authenticating and appraisal service and their website claim to have verify many branded luxury goods for customers who put up their items for sale on eBay. They will do email, photo or physical inspection of the goods.

Here is the story of a case involving a businessman in Amarillo caught selling Coach knockoffs bags

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