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How To Maintain Your Designer Handbags in Pristine Condition


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If you have an expensive LV, Hermes, Gucci or Prada handbag in your closet you would want to keep them in tip-top condition. These luxurious bags are made from high quality leather and made to last unless it is left in an exposed environment, not properly stored or subject to poor treatment. Maintaining your handbag will also protect the value of your investment if you take the time looking after it.

John Muller of luxuryscloset explain to us seveal ways that help maintain the lifespan of your precious handbags.

a) Carry Light: Never ever overload your handbag, simply because this can cause serious stress on the straps if you do not want to bring it in for repair. Filling too many items that its intended use will cause the bag to go out of shape, messing up its appearance.

b) Protection: Always take care of your handbag with leather-based protector that will keep it hydrated and minor accidental stains that could happen.

c) Keep your hands clean from oil, perspiration and dirt that can ruin the leather while handling your prized bag with clean hands will keep it in excellent condition.

d) Buy a purse hanger that helps keep your handbag off the ground away from germ, dirt and dust.

Follow the above will go a long way towards ensuring your bag in pristine condition and be proud of each time you wear them on your shoulder.

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