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Horse+Nail Handbags Count Mary Louise Parker and Scarlett Johansson As Fans


horse+nail logo trademark design

h+n bag design

Top Left to right: Walker, Betty Scarlet, The Morgan Bucket.   Bottom Left to Right: Scout with Leather Applique, The Rider Backpack, Truxton Bag   credits:

In 2009, Costume and menswear designer, Lindsey Hufnagel started Horse+Nail custom handbags in downtown New York. The handmade bag got its name from the designer last name; translated from German language, it means “horse shoe nail.” Furthermore Lindsey developed her first handbag design using hackamore bridle, the concept for H+N that become the Brand.

Her designs incorporates leather with fur, feathers and fringe that caught the attention of stars like Scarlett Johansson who pick up one of H+N bag at The Cast boutique. American actress, Mary Louise Parker carries a H+N bag in the final season of the WEEDS.

Lindsey wants to create a branding to be out of ordinary and as she puts it “Dramatic,” “Statement,” “Different” and “Bold.” Although she does not believe in following trends but often got her inspiration by capturing the sight of people on the street of NYC while picturing individuals in their daily wear with her H+N bag on them.

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