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We stalk purses for the love of it and that’s not a bad thing is it? What started as an infatuation became a passion that finally graduated into an obsession, the perfect recipe that gives birth to PurseStalker.com.  Our primary pursuit is the search for captivating news, appealing stories and engaging events that we take pleasure in sharing with our friends and visitors.

Our next objective is to hunt and seek out the latest, the contemporary, the classic and the vintage of purses that we’re optimistic, can meet the expectation of our audience. Whether you are a high class diva looking for a designer handbag, a divine diva on a budget or just a starting-out diva wannabe with in-between expectation,  we can find the perfect bag just for you. When you have that much conviction for something, its fixated into your heart that you just gotta have it. So, just sit back and immense yourself into the hottest styles and designs from the like-minded team of Purse Stalker.


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